The Urban Affairs and Planning (UAP) program serves the university, students, and society through its instruction, research, and outreach activities in urban planning and public policy. The program applies an interdisciplinary, comparative, and applied approach to instruction and research in its two undergraduate degrees (B.A. in Public and Urban Affairs and B.S. in Environmental Policy and Planning), masters in Urban and Regional Planning (MURP), and doctoral program. The curricula of these programs rest on the premise that no single discipline or approach can explain the complexities of modern communities. In UAP, faculty with expertise in economics, geography, history, sociology, political science, planning, law, and engineering all work together to provide students with a coherent vision of how communities work and how to facilitate positive changes within them.

UAP offers diverse programs and has an interdisciplinary faculty who provide a wide range of professional specializations, including: Environmental Planning and Policy; Land Use and Physical Development Planning; Housing, Community and Economic Development; International Development Planning.

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Undergraduate program inquiries:

Please contact Leigh Bower at or 540.231.9932

Certificate and Graduate program and inquires: 

For Alexandria, please contact Myriam Lechuga at or 703.706.8111

For Blacksburg, please contact Leigh Bower at or 540.231.5485

For inquires relating to the PhD program in Planning, Governance, and Globalization, please contact

Krystal Wright at or 540.231.2291



Program Information:

Program Co-Chair // Diane Zahm (Blacksburg)

Program Co-Chair // Kris Wernstedt (Alexandria)

Leigh Bower (Blacksburg)
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (540) 231-5485

Myriam Lechuga (Alexandria)
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (703) 706-8111

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