Welcome to the 2018 Florence Experiences Survey.

This survey is part of a larger research project on the effects of storms and other disruptive events on transportation and electric power infrastructure in US urban areas. The National Science Foundation funds this larger project.

Virginia Tech’s Kris Wernstedt (School of Public and International Affairs) and Ed Fox (Computer Science), Pam Murray-Tuite (Civil Engineering, Clemson), and Seth Guikema (Industrial and Operations Engineering, Michigan) are leading the study. If you have questions about the survey, please contact us at


Our purpose in the survey is to understand the experiences of the Washington and Baltimore area residents who encountered Hurricane Florence. Results will help local public officials to coordinate transportation and power recovery strategies from disasters and provide insights to the engineering and academic communities about adaptive behavior of individuals to disruptive events.

We invite those aged 18 years or older whose primary residence lies within 60 miles of downtown Washington DC or Baltimore, and who lived in this residence during the weeks of September 10-23, to participate in our research. The questionnaire should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Your participation is voluntary, and if you decided to participate, your individual response will remain confidential. Your submission of responses to our online questionnaire implies consent for us to use your responses, but we will report only aggregated results across survey respondents. We will release no information that can identify you. We see no potential risk to you from answering any of our questions, but you are free to skip any questions or withdraw from the survey at any time.

To begin the questionnaire, please click here. It will take you to a website hosted by the Qualtrics survey software that we are using for this project.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the study’s conduct or your rights as a research subject, or need to report a research-related injury or event, you may contact the Virginia Tech Institutional Review Board (IRB) at irb@vt.edu or (540) 231-3732. You can find our IRB approval letter here.

Thank you for participating. Your input is very valuable to our research!