Virginia Issues & Answers (VIA) is pleased to announce the publication of its 2014 online issue. This issue highlights K-12 education funding policy.

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K-12 Education Funding Policy

Virginia Issues and Answers asked experts in the field to provide a thoughtful review of current K-12 education funding policies.

Financing K-12 Education in Virginia

Manna, Cooper, and Pelletier highlight recent questions about funding equity and adequacy as key factors among the many forces that are placing pressure on schools to meet performance standards and use public funds wisely. The article also situates Virginia in the larger national context of K-12 education funding policy by comparing financing of K-12 education with other U.S. states; by considering education funding patterns in the commonwealth and discussing what the patterns might suggest about equitable funding; and by discussing the implications that these patterns might have for Virginia in support of student success today and in the future.

By Paul Manna, Jack Cooper, and Elizabeth Pelletier

Supporting Underperforming Schools in Virginia

Fornash and Siddiqi discuss several recent K-12 education funding policy initiatives in Virginia that seek to ensure underperforming schools will have the resources necessary to provide a high quality public education to elementary and secondary school students.

By Laura Fornash and Javaid Siddiqi

Virginia’s K-12 Education Funding Framework

This article provides an overview of K-12 education funding policy in Virginia, including the Standards of Quality (SOQ) established by the Board of Education to support a high quality public education and the Composite Index used for assessing the state and local share of education funding for school districts. It also describes several issues on the horizon that may affect the degree of funding provided for K-12 education in the commonwealth during the next few budget cycles.

By VIA Staff

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