Undergraduate Minors

The School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in public and urban affairs, as well as majors and minors.

Two undergraduate majors are available:
Major in Smart and Sustainable Cities (SSC)
Major in Environmental Policy and Planning (EPP)

Four undergraduate minors are available:
Minor in Public and Urban Affairs (PUA)
Minor in Environmental Policy and Planning (EPP)
Minor in Real Estate (RE)
Minor in Watershed Management (WM)

Degree Requirements

The graduation requirements in effect at the time of graduation apply. When choosing the degree requirements information, always choose the year of your expected date of graduation. Requirements for graduation are referred to via university publications as “Checksheets”. The number of credit hours required for degree completion varies among curricula. Students must satisfactorily complete all requirements and university obligations for degree completion.

The university reserves the right to modify requirements in a degree program. However, the university will not alter degree requirements less than two years from the expected graduation year unless there is a transition plan for students already in the degree program.

Please visit the University Registrar website at http://registrar.vt.edu/graduation-multi-brief/index1.html for degree requirements.

Satisfactory Progress

University policy requires that students who are making satisfactory progress toward a degree meet minimum criteria toward the General Education (Curriculum for Liberal Education) (see “Academics“) and toward the degree in Urban Affairs and Planning.

Satisfactory progress requirements toward the B.A. in Public and Urban Affairs and B.S. in Environmental Policy and Planning can be found on the major checksheet by visiting the University Registrar website at http://registrar.vt.edu/graduation-multi-brief/index1.html.

Undergraduate Minor in Real Estate (RE)
Through the years, the real estate industry has placed a growing emphasis on education and professionalism. Because of the considerable investment in real estate in the United States, the number of people employed in the field, and the importance of professional management to the real estate industry, this minor is a vital aspect of educating students for careers in real estate and in the real estate aspects of many facets of modern life.

The curriculum in real estate reflects the needs of students in several colleges to take a minor in real estate while pursuing their individual majors. This curriculum is relevant to a wide range of real estate organizations.

The real estate minor is open to students in all colleges of the University and draws its courses from a number of departments and colleges within the University. Advisement of individual students will be conducted in their own departments. To receive a designation of obtaining a real estate minor, the student must be admitted to the minor, and then complete and maintain a 2.0 or higher grade point average in the required courses.

Real Estate Minor Checksheet

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