I am Huyen Le from Vinh City, Vietnam. As a doctoral student in the Planning, Governance, and Globalization program (Urban and Environmental Design and Planning track), I am pursuing transportation planning research with a focus on travel behavior and choice modeling. My research explores the mechanisms behind individual and household’s decision to bike, walk, or ride public transit, as well as how to translate them into policies that promote sustainable transportation. In this program I can work with experts in many fields, such as planning, engineering, behavioral science, and geography, among others. Not only can this bring diverse views to my research, it also reinforces collaboration with other departments and universities. Our Mood State in Transport Environments project in collaboration with Virginia Tech’s Department of Psychology and the University of Minnesota is a case in point.
What I like most about the program is the great flexibility in designing my own curriculum that directly serves my dissertation. I have been encouraged to take courses outside the program to expand my view. As such, I have developed my skill set towards experimental and quasi-experimental design, discrete choice modeling, and other econometric methods. This is also a great opportunity to combine my leisure-time interests in behavioral science and decision science into something tangible and helpful for transportation policy analysis.Upon completion of my doctoral study, I plan to continue my transportation research in an academic setting. Besides deepening my current direction in choice modeling, I look to explore other areas of transportation and connect them to the planning practice, as well as translate these studies to a developing world context where travel behavior could be very different from that in the developed world.
Hi, I’m Tianjun (Luke) Lu from China and I’m a PhD student in the Planning, Governance and Globalization program at Virginia Tech’s main campus in Blacksburg, VA. My interests are bicycle and pedestrian planning and air quality monitoring. I’m a graduate of the Master’s program in Urban and Regional Planning here at Virginia Tech, and as a PhD student, I’m on a journey to explore the beauty of planning education. I hope to strengthen and improve the intersection between transportation planning and environmental planning, and to become a qualified and capable scholar in the planning field.