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The faculty and staff of the School of Public and International Affairs are comprised of the members from our three programs as well as SPIA administrative faculty and staff.

SPIA Administration

Anne KhademianAnne Khademian Director Email: akhademi@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8119
Krystal WrightKrystal Wright Administrative Assistant to the Director Email: krystal@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-2291
Leslie DayLeslie Day Business Manager Email: lday@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5176
Matthew JezierskiMatthew Jezierski Web Administrator Email: mattwj6@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-1490
Han LeHan Le Fiscal Technician Email: han79@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8123

SPIA Administrative Faculty

Jaimy AlexJaimy Alex Mgr. for Outreach, Enrollment and Communications Email: ajaimy@vt.edu Phone: (703) 838-8330
Leisha LaRiviereLeisha LaRiviere Associate Director of SPIA Richmond Campus Email: llariviere@vt.edu Phone: (804) 662-7288
Andrea MorrisAndrea Morris Director, Washington Semester Director, Living Lab Email: andrea.morris@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8126
Georgeta PourchotGeorgeta Pourchot Director, Two Capitals, Two Masters Assoc. Dir., Recruitment & Alumni Initiatives Email: georgeta@vt.edu Phone: (703) 721-0595

SPIA Research Centers

Max StephensonMax Stephenson Director, IPG Email: mstephen@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-6775
Regina NaffRegina Naff Admin. Assistant, Institute for Policy and Governance Email: regina50@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-6775

SPIA Affiliated Faculty

Bill AndersonBill Anderson Professor of Practice Email: grant46@vt.edu Phone: (540) 885-2484
Jim MoranJim Moran SPIA Professor of Practice Email: james45@vt.edu Phone: no phone
Randy MurchRandy Murch SPIA Professor of Practice Email: rmurch@vt.edu Phone: (703) 518-2719
Minnis RidenourMinnis Ridenour SPIA Affiliated Faculty Senior Fellow for Resource Development Email: ridem@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-0823
Steven Rathgeb SmithSteven Rathgeb Smith SPIA Distinguished Visiting Professor Email: smithsr83@gmail.com Phone: no phone
Robert A. StalzerRobert A. Stalzer SPIA Professor of Practice Email: Rob.Stalzer@fairfaxcounty.gov Phone: (703) 507-5330

CPAP Faculty and Staff

Laura JensenLaura Jensen Associate Professor Email: jensen7@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-7302
Laura FrenchLaura French Office Manager Email: lhf@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5133
Myriam LechugaMyriam Lechuga CPAP/GIA/UAP Graduate Student Coordinator Email: mlechuga@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8111
Brian CookBrian J. Cook Professor Email: brml27@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-3438
Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis Assistant Professor of Practice Email: sddavis@vt.edu Phone: (804) 980-5549
Suzette DenslowSuzette Denslow Adjunct Professor Email: sd@virginia.gov Phone: (804) 225-4803
Matt DullMatt Dull Associate Professor Email: mdull@vt.edu Phone: (202) 821-3807
Adrienne T. Edisis, Ph.D.Adrienne T. Edisis, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Email: aedisis@vt.edu Phone: (202) 276-4315
Jonah FogelJonah Fogel Assistant Professor Email: jfogel@vt.edu Phone: (804) 527-4246
Jeffrey GlickJeffrey Glick Adjunct Professor Email: jaglick@vt.edu Phone: 301-547-1735
Tom HickokTom Hickok Professor of Practice Email: tomtennis3@yahoo.com Phone: 703-601-4729, x 153
Karen HultKaren Hult Professor Email: khult@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5351
Sara JordanSara Jordan Assistant Professor Email: srjordan@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-7306
Leisha LaRiviereLeisha LaRiviere Adjunct Professor Email: llariviere@vt.edu Phone: (804) 662-7288
Bill LeightyBill Leighty Professor of Practice Email: bill@billleighty.org Phone: (540) 231-5153
Robin LemaireRobin Lemaire Assistant Professor Email: rlemaire@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-0664
Joe ReesJoe Rees Associate Professor Coordinator, CPAP Richmond Email: reesj@vt.edu Phone: (540) 250-5632
Patrick RobertsPatrick S. Roberts Associate Professor On Leave 2017-2018 Email: robertsp@vt.edu Phone: (202) 599-0562
Raymond ZunigaRaymond Zuniga Assistant Professor Email: raymond3@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5133
John DickeyJohn Dickey Professor Emeritus Email: jdickey@vt.edu Phone: (540) 552-6878
Larkin DudleyLarkin Dudley Professor Emerita Email: dudleyl@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5133
Jim WolfJim Wolf Professor Emeritus Email: jfwolf@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8116

GIA Faculty and Staff

Joel PetersJoel Peters Professor Program Chair Email: peters25@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8133
Myriam LechugaMyriam Lechuga CPAP/GIA/UAP Graduate Student Coordinator Email: mlechuga@vt.edu Phone: 703-706-8111
Ariel AhramAriel Ahram Associate Professor Email: ahram@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8115
Giselle DatzGiselle Datz Associate Professor Email: gdatz@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8112
Ilja LuciakIlja Luciak Affiliated Professor Email: iluciak@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5246
Tim LukeTim Luke University Distinguished Professor Email: twluke@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-6633
Christian MatheisChristian Matheis Visiting Assistant Professor Email: matheisc@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-7507
Georgeta PourchotGeorgeta Pourchot Director, Two Capitals, Two Masters Assoc. Dir., Recruitment & Alumni Initiatives Email: georgeta@vt.edu Phone: (703) 721-0595
Joyce RothschildJoyce Rothschild Professor Email: joycer@vt.edu Phone: (540) 951-0214
Ioannis StivachtisIoannis Stivachtis Affiliated Associate Professor Email: ystivach@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5816
Gerard ToalGerard Toal Professor Email: toalg@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8113
Edward WeisbandEdward Weisband Affiliated Professor, Edward S. Diggs Endowed Chair Professorship Email: weisband@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5298
Wilma DunawayWilma Dunaway Professor Emerita Email: wdunaway @vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5177

UAP Faculty and Staff

Tom SanchezTom Sanchez Professor and Chair Email: sanchezt@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5425
Yang ZhangYang Zhang Associate Professor Coordinator, MURP Email: Email: yz@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-1128
Leigh BowerLeigh Bower Administrative Assistant Email: leighb14@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-5485
Chris LaPlanteChris LaPlante Undergraduate Advisor Email: chrisl@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-3831
Myriam LechugaMyriam Lechuga CPAP/GIA/UAP Graduate Student Coordinator Email: mlechuga@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8111
David BieriDavid Bieri Associate Professor Email: bieri@vt.edu Phone: TBA
John BrowderJohn Browder Professor In Memoriam
Ralph BuehlerRalph Buehler Associate Professor Email: ralphbu@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8104
Maggie CowellMaggie Cowell Associate Professor Email: mmcowell@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8101
Ralph HallRalph Hall Associate Professor Email: rphall@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-7332
Steve HankeySteve Hankey Assistant Professor Email: hankey@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-7508
Paul KnoxPaul Knox University Distinguished Professor Sr. Fellow for International Advancement knox@vt.edu 540-231-1695
Shelley MastranShelley Mastran Professor of Practice Email: smastran@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8108
Shalini MisraShalini Misra Assistant Professor Email: shalini@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8122
Elizabeth MortonElizabeth Morton Associate Professor of Practice Email: morton05@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8129
John ProvoJohn Provo Adjunct Professor Email: jprovo@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-4004
Todd SchenkTodd Schenk Assistant Professor Email: tschenk@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-1803
Thomas SkuzinskiThomas Skuzinski Assistant Professor Email: skuzinsk@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-1801
Max StephensonMax Stephenson Professor Email: mstephen@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-6775
Kris WernstedtKris Wernstedt Associate Professor Email: krisw@vt.edu Phone: (703) 706-8132
Diane ZahmDiane Zahm Associate ProfessorEmail: dzahm@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-7503
Wenwen ZhangWenwen Zhang Assistant Professor Email: wenwenz3@vt.edu Phone: 540-232-8431
Jim BohlandJim Bohland Professor Emeritus Email: jayjon@vt.edu Phone: no phone
Ted KoebelTed Koebel Professor Emeritus Email: tkoebel@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-0412
John RandolphJohn Randolph Professor Emeritus Email: energy@vt.edu Phone: (540) 231-7714

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